During my childhood, my parents went through four bankruptcies, which had a huge impact on the importance of financial security. But despite such experiences, I’ve also been very aware about how money doesn’t buy happiness. Could I truly be happy without any money? No. But could money substitute everything that makes me happy in life? […]

10 Creative Business Cards from Cup of Jo Happy Saturday! In celebration of the weekend and keeping things light, check out these creative and fun business cards from my new favorite blog, Cup of Jo.  -J

Three weekends ago, I attended the last commencement ceremony at my alma mater for the foreseeable future. After listening to the advice imparted on the newly graduating students, I wanted to share my thoughts on the most important things to keep in mind when embarking on the journey beyond the school campus. 1. Maintaining Relationships […]

This video is a summary of why I write this blog. I feel that so many college-graduates waste time – by working for a job that doesn’t fit them, neglecting to maintain their network, etc. – because they feel that they have an indefinite supply of it. There’s two points from this video I wanted […]

Inspired by PR Daily’s post “Which Disney character resembles your PR life most?”, I began to wonder what kind of jobs the Disney Princesses would have if they were born into our world (without their royalty status, of course). Here are my thoughts: Belle – University Professor With her love for books and learning, Belle’s […]

One of the things I always disliked about “networking” during my college days was how shallow it was. I was always trying to impress people that I barely knew through elevator pitches and in competition with other students vying for the same attention.  However, as I look back on those times, I realize that I […]

When a job is not right for you, one of the most obvious symptoms is the lack of motivation to do your work. In this scenario, the answer is simple – you need to find another job that fits you better. However, there is a different reason for the lack of motivation – growing pains. […]